Advancement of young researchers

Research Colloquia


Twice a year, the scientists of the CRC 799 presented their current state of research, the latest findings, and possibilities of interdisciplinary exchange. Valuable discussions with professors and colleagues provided suggestions for the further processing of the topics and possible cooperation. Additional team building activities promoted collaboration, enriched the working environment, and facilitated the integration of new employees.

Autumn Schools


The annual autumn schools provided the scientists of the CRC 799 with a platform for the international research exchange with internationally recognized speakers from science and practice. The lectures and discussions as well as the excursions in specialized industries contributed significantly to the transfer of knowledge and promoted motivation and project progress.

Guest Scientists


The research of the CRC 799 has been continuously supplemented by the know-how of international scientists. Renowned guest scientists supported the scientific exchange as well as the qualification of the doctoral students through lectures and research stays. Three mercator guest professorships were supported by the DFG in the third funding period, thus underpinning the long-term and intensive exchange.

Student Laboratory


The student laboratory "Science meets School" enabled the knowledge transfer to school and university students. Through autonomous experimentation in real research laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, the young people were introduced to scientific working methods and technological process steps in a playful manner. In this way, young researchers could be specifically promoted and those who are interested in studying were made aware of the academic educational opportunities in this area.

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Student Competitions


The annual student competition helped to take away the fear of contact with natural and engineering topics, especially in the field of materials science and materials technology, from young people. Using household materials, the students produced composite materials. In this way, interest in technology and a sense of the importance of state-of-the-art materials were aroused in an understandable and creative way. For teachers, the assignment was an ideal complement to their teaching.

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Angebote_Girls' Day

As part of the nationwide Girls'Day, girls are sensitized and get enthusiastic about professions that are primarily carried out by men. By visiting the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, they were able to get to know the diverse courses of study in the fields of science, technology, IT and crafts. In addition, various highlights of materials research were offered, including workshops on 3D printing, shape memory alloy and virtual reality in conjunction with three-dimensional filter structures.

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Teacher Trainings


As part of the teacher training, teachers were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the facilities of the laboratory, to carry out experiments by themselves and to participate in various workshops. In this way, methods were developed and taught, how the findings and experiments can be integrated into the teaching of science. Provided scripts and materials facilitated integration into the classroom additionally.

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