Coronavirus – Rector's information


Hygiene Measures

  • In general, the offices in the teaching, laboratory and administration buildings are only allowed to be entered individually or with a corresponding minimum distance of 1.5 m.
  • Contacts with other people are to be reduced to an absolutely necessary minimum and the minimum distance is to be kept wherever possible.
  • Hand hygiene must be strictly observed, ie regular and thorough hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds - at least before starting work, at the end and generally after every toilet visit and in the event of contamination. Disposable towels should be used after hand washing.
  • Avoid direct physical contact, such as shaking hands or hugs.
  • If coughing or sneezing, turn away as far as possible and use the elbow or disposable tissues.
  • Everyone is responsible for ensuring that the body is properly hydrated.

Poster for Printing

Information for the community, guests and visitors

  • Public events and conferences on the campuses of TU Freiberg are postponed or cancelled. Please contact the event planner and consult the updated information online.
  • terra mineralia as well as the collection at Krügerhaus are open again.
  • The Silberbergwerk Freiberg is open again since 3 June.
  • The Study Information Centre SIZ is open again.
  • Applicants at TU Freiberg are asked  to contact the person named in the job advertisement prior to visiting the campus for an interview.


The prototype of the pressure-controlled emergency ventilator.
Scientists at TU Freiberg are currently testing a prototype of a pressure-controlled emergency ventilator. The device, which can be built with simple tools and is easy to maintain, could be used primarily in developing countries for the ventilation of emergency patients with lung diseases. … weiterlesen

Student with laptop
Due to the corona crisis, the university is currently in preventive standby mode. For its more than 4,000 students, this means that all lectures and courses will take place exclusively online from 6 April. … weiterlesen

hacker, cyber crime, internet, security
Cyber ​​criminals are taking advantage of the corona crisis. Fake e-mails are increasingly circulating, indicating service restrictions, special hygiene measures or discount campaigns. Please be careful when entering personal data and check the authenticity. … weiterlesen

The crystals of the aeroplysinin substance
For several years now, scientists at TU Freiberg have been researching the unique properties of Aplysina aerophoba, a marine sponge species that naturally produces antiviral substances. The substance can inhibit the growth of viruses as well as the entry of viruses into cells. … weiterlesen

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