Vaccinations with new Novavax vaccine now available to all - even without an appointment

Vaccinations with the Novavax vaccine can now be claimed by all citizens, initially at the 13 selected state vaccination centers.

The previous prioritized distribution only to healthcare and nursing staff affected by the facility-based vaccination requirement is no longer applicable. There is sufficient vaccine available.

Novavax is available in the following 13 state immunization sites:

  • Dresden: Impfzentrum Messe Dresden
  • Leipzig: Impfzentrum Alte Messe
  • Chemnitz: Impfstelle Wilhelm-Rabe-Straße 6
  • Landkreis Bautzen: Impfstelle Kamenz, Volkshochschule
  • Landkreis Erzgebirge: Impfzentrum Aue, Lindenstr. 46c
  • Landkreis Görlitz: Impfstelle Löbau, Blumenhalle
  • Landkreis Leipzig: Impfstelle Geithain, Jugendtreff R 9
  • Landkreis Meißen: Impfstelle Neumarkt Arkaden Meißen
  • Landkreis Mittelsachsen: Impfstelle Freiberg, Meißner Gasse 19
  • Landkreis Nordsachsen: Impfstelle Bürgerhaus Eilenburg
  • Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge: Impfstelle Jugendherberge Pirna-Copitz
  • Landkreis Vogtland: Impfzentrum Eich
  • Landkreis Zwickau: Impfstelle Zwickau, Autohaus Lueg

Appointments can be booked via the DRK Booking Portal. However, it is not absolutely necessary to book an appointment in advance. Vaccinations can also be given without an appointment. Municipal vaccination centers and hospitals also have Novavax vaccine at their disposal. Doctors' surgeries are to be included as soon as possible.

Vaccination information

The Saxon Vaccination Commission (SIKO) recommends vaccination with the Novavax vaccine ("Nuvaxovid") for all persons 18 years of age and older. Two vaccinations with an interval of 21 days are recommended for basic immunization. Unvaccinated individuals who have had a previous coronavirus infection can receive a dose of Nuvaxovid vaccine at the earliest after 28 days (optimally after 3 months) to complete the basic immunization. A booster vaccination is recommended after 3 months at the earliest - Novavax should also preferably be used. The vaccine is currently not recommended for pregnant women and persons who have been previously vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine.