Rector's Order on measures for the Winter Semester 2021/22

Dear Members of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg,

We intend to run the winter semester 2021/2022 in attendance mode to a large extent. The university management counts on the cooperation and personal responsibility of the university members and staff. For this reason, the following regulations for persons who are not employed at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg apply from now on (12 October 2021) until further notice for the participation in classroom teaching and visits of third parties in rooms of TUBAF. For those who are employed at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the provisions of the current Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance as well as the following information apply. The individual regulations can be found here.

1. 3G-Rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) for attendance events

For the protection of students and lecturers and particularly for those who cannot be vaccinated, participation in all attendance events is subject to compliance with the 3G- rules (vaccinated, recovered, tested). By attending events and entering buildings of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, all participants confirm they are either fully vaccinated, recovered or have tested negative. University employees are exempt from this rule. The existence of one of the 3G requirements must be proven, i.e. appropriate proof must be brought along. House directors, third parties appointed by the university management (e.g. security staff), teachers and event organisers are authorised to ask for the proof in order to review it. They are also entitled to record the personal data of the person(s) in case of violation. The Rectorate decides whether to report the violation to the Public Health Office. (The currently valid Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance imposes fines in the event of infringements.) A recommendation for teachers on how to handle house rules will be issued in due course.

2. Test Certificates

Tests that can be used in compliance with the 3G rule must not be older than 48 hours. 3G rule tests must not be older than 48 hours. These can be taken at the test centre in the Neue Mensa (canteen) on campus.

3. Cost of test certificates for students until 30 November 2021

Until 30 November 2021, the university will pay for a maximum of three tests per week for students at the test centre of the Studentenwerk Freiberg (Student Union) on campus. Students will not be charged a fee for the time being.

4. Test offers for employees

Employees who are required to be provided with self-tests by law or regulation, or by regulations of the Accident Insurance, can obtain them free of charge up to twice a week from the Test Centre in the Neue Mensa on campus, from the IEC's Institute Secretariat (Reiche Zeche) and in the post room at Akademiestraße 6.

5. Tests for the return to work (Section 5 (3) SächsCoronaSchVO)

Employees who have not worked for at least five consecutive working days due to holidays or comparable leaves of absence from work must submit an up-to-date test certificate or a proof of vaccination or recovery to the employer on the first working day after this timeout. The employee's superior is authorised to receive the proof. Only test certificates issued by the test centre of the Studentenwerk Freiberg (Neue Mensa, Campus) or a citizen test centre are accepted.

Such tests can be taken at the test centre of the Studentenwerk Freiberg. They are free of charge for employees of TUBAF.

6. Contact tracing via the app “pass4all”

The pass4all app is used to trace contacts in all events and also for visitors. The QR codes are posted in the event rooms. The posting is organised centrally. It is recommended that you also install and activate the Corona Warning App on your own smart devices. Participants who do not have the pass4all app installed must fill out a form.

7. Hygiene concept, minimum distance and mandatory use of face masks for university events

All attendance events must be carried out in accordance with the applicable rules (in particular the distance, hygiene and ventilation rules, see also hygiene concept). During attendance events, it is mandatory to wear a face mask (FFP2 or medical mask). The lecturer or organiser may make an exception for participants sitting at their own place if only vaccinated and/or recovered persons are in the room or if the minimum distance of 1.50 m between persons is maintained constantly. The requirement to hold the minimum distance can be waived if the 3G rule is fulfilled, provided that all persons - with the exception of the teacher(s) - wear a correct face mask.

8. Digital Teaching

English-language Master's degree programmes continue to be offered in digital format for the first two semesters. Teachers are asked to continue using OPAL and to provide study-related materials digitally.

9. Vaccination offers

The university management is continuing its high efforts to provide low-barrier vaccination offers in our university rooms during the months of October and November 2021. The offers are for all members and affiliates of the university. Please inform yourself about the offers!

10. Further regulations

In addition, the provisions of the Infection Protection Act of 20 July 2000 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1045) in its latest version, the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance (SächsCoronaSchVO) dated 21 September 2021 and the related regulations of the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion, the general regulations of the district of Central Saxony as well as the hygiene concepts of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg shall apply.


Please write to coronaschutzbeauftragteatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de if you have further queries.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. iur. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht