New statute for the acceptance of examination results

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With the new statutes of February 3, all students can reject examination results of both oral examinations and written examinations of the WS 2020/21.

The students declare the rejection of an examination result (in an informal e-mail) to the student office until the beginning of the examination registration period of the SS 2021.

Exam results that have not been passed are automatically considered to have been rejected.

In the case of a failed examination or a rejection, the exam can be taken again in the same examination attempt, whereby the later result counts.

This also applies to examinations:

  • for which a substitute performance has been determined due to corona requirements
  • which have to be taken in the winter semester 2020/21 due to repetition deadlines (in case of rejection or failure, the repetition deadline is extended until the summer semester 2021).

Excluded from this regulation are examinations that have been failed due to an attempt to deceive or that have not been taken without an excuse. Cancellation of an exam must be made at least one day before the start of the exam at the student office or to the examiner.

Important: Acceptance of the examination result of a passed examination does not require a separate declaration.

Suspension of the Special Admission Requirements

If an examination cannot be successfully taken due to corona, but the examination performance is a special admission requirement for passing a module, this regulation can be suspended for SoSe 2021 and WS 2021/22.

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