Information for International Students

Studies in summer semester 2021 will continue to be defined by the effects of the pandemic. We are aware of the challenges and demands of studying digitally.  In the 9th meeting of the Senate on January 28, 2021, we therefore adopted measures to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on examination results.

Please continue to refer to the current notices on this website as well as announcements from the chairs in university newsletters.

Teaching in the summer semester 2021

  • In the summer semester of 2021, courses will continue not to be held in person, but will be replaced by digital formats online. Exceptions can be approved by the Rector upon application with the vote of the Dean, taking into account the respective valid legal situation.
  • Requirements for the approval of exceptions:
    • Courses shall always be taught in compliance with the Rector's orders on hygiene measures to combat the Covid 19 pandemic in effect at the time.
    • The courses are digitally infeasible laboratory or pilot plant practicals or are directed primarily at 1st semester undergraduate students.
  • Attendance at classroom teaching events is strictly on a voluntary basis. Students who wish to attend classroom teaching events are required to take a supervised self-test immediately before attending the course and to complete the attached statement (certificate). The self-tests are provided by TU Bergakademie Freiberg.
  • Important information on the standard e-learning tools and services used and how students can use them can be found here.
  • OPAL – Instruction for Students

Approved Classroom teaching in Summer Semester 2021

  • Self-Tests:
    • Students who wish to attend face-to-face classes are required to take a proctored self-test immediately prior to attending the class and complete and submit the certificate of completion to the instructor. The same applies to students who perform activities on the premises of TU BAF for document and thesis work. The self-tests are provided by the university (Contact: Julia Runge, Julia [dot] Rungeatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de, Tel. -3820)
    • Without a negative self-test result, students are not permitted to participate in classroom lectures.
    • The supervision of the self-tests is carried out by the respective lecturers who hold the face-to-face event.
    • In the case of several face-to-face events on one day, it is recommended to have a quick test carried out in one of the test centers (Städtischer Festsaal am Obermarkt, DRK). The certificate issued by the test center is valid for the entire day. The teacher must keep a copy of it.
  • In case of a positive test result after a self-test, the following applies:
    You are required to have a PCR test performed immediately by a doctor or testing center.
    • Until the result is available, you must stay at home and seclude yourself. Do not leave your apartment or house except in medical or other emergencies.
    • Your household members (family, shared apartment) should reduce their contacts. If the PCR test confirms the infection (i.e. is positive), the regulations for positively tested persons apply, esp. the obligation to report to the Health Office (Health Office of Central Saxony: Corona contact form) send to e-mail infektionsschutzatlandkreis-mittelsachsen [dot] de), 14 days seclusion from testing and immediate seclusion of household members. More information can be found in the general decree for the segregation of category I contacts, suspected persons and persons tested positive for coronavirus in your county or city.
    • If the PCR test does not confirm infection (i.e., is negative), the segregation requirement is immediately lifted. Also inform your household members.
  • Wear a mouth-nose covering:
    • Mouth-to-nose coverings must always be worn when working in laboratories and internship rooms.
    • In any case, a safety distance of at least 1.5 m (2 m is recommended) must be maintained at all times.

Examinations in Summer Semester 2021

In the summer semester 2021, examinations (oral examinations (§ 8 PO) and written examinations (§ 9 PO) will generally be conducted digitally. Exceptions, if the examinations are not possible online, can be approved by the Rector upon application no later than 2 months before the planned examination date with the vote of the Dean, taking into account the respective valid legal situation. The examinations must always be conducted in compliance with the Rector's currently valid instructions on hygiene measures to combat the Covid 19 pandemic.

University Library

The University Library is closed as a place of learning, but borrowing is still possible. Media from the UB's holdings can be borrowed after pre-ordering by e-mail or telephone, stating the call number, title and location. The media can be picked up Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 12:00.
Further information can be found here.


1. Extension of the submission deadlines for final thesis (Bachelor’s, Master’s and „Diplom“ thesis):

Extension of the deadline for the submission of theses (Bachelor's/„Diplom“/Master's thesis) is only permitted within the framework of the currently valid examination regulations. (§ 19 PO Registration, topic issue, submission, assessment and repetition of the final thesis)

2. Submission of the thesis:

To meet the deadline, you submit two bound physical copies and the machine-readable PDF file format to the „Medienzentrum der TU Bergakademie Freiberg or to mailbox at Akademiestraße 6, addressed with “Student office”.
Furthermore you can send the documents by post. The date of the postmark will count as the submission date.

The thesis must contain the signed coversheet with the subject and the signed declaration.

Study certifications

Students who need a certificate of their registration for examinations or postponement of examinations for the purpose of monetary grants according to BAföG or third party scholarship providers can apply for it by e-mail at studierendenbueroatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.

Rejection of examination results

  • The Senate of TU Bergakademie Freiberg has approved the statutes for the summer semester 2021 to mitigate the impact of the Corona pandemic on examinations in the summer semester 2021 and the course of studies.
  • Students of all study programs may reject examination results of oral examinations according to § 8 PO and written examinations according to § 9 PO of the summer semester 2021, as well as their replacements. This does not apply to examinations that are failed due to an attempt to cheat or that are not taken without an excuse. (For further details, please refer to the regulations)

Non-accreditation SS 2020, WS 2020/21 and SS 2021

On December 16, 2020, the Saxon state parliament passed the Education Strengthening Act, which includes § 114a in the Saxon Higher Education Freedom Act. Higher Education Freedom Act.
As a result of this amendment, the individual standard period of study will be extended by an additional semester for students who were enrolled in the summer semester 2020 or the winter semester 2020/21, respectively, and who do not claim a semester off for this time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the coming into force of the Saxon Standard Period of Study Ordinance of 29.04.2021, students who are enrolled in the summer semester 2021 and are not on leave of absence will receive an individual standard period of study that deviates from the standard period of study and is extended by a further semester.

A separate application is not required in these cases.


To terminate your enrolment, please sent your de-registration via e-mail to studierendenbueroatzuv [dot] tu-freibeg [dot] de The respective form ("Laufzettel") is to be sent to your faculty and the University library.

University Sports

Due to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic, the University Sports Program is severely restricted. The University Sports Center will gradually add more classes for participation according to the respective hygiene rules and restriction relaxations. Current information can be found here.

Information for return / arrival at TU Bergakademie Freiberg

  • Information for your return/arrival at TU Bergakademie Freiberg can be found here
  • Information on how to apply for a study place can be found on the individual study program websites . In case of questions or difficulties, applicants can contact the admissions office by e-mail: zulassungsbueroatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.
  • Currently it is not possible to enter the university building Akademiestrasse 6. Please contact the staff of the International Office (internationalattu-freiberg [dot] de), the Admissions Office (zulassungsbueroatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de) or the Student Office (studierendenbueroatzuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.) by e-mail or telephone.
  • The International Office offers online consultation hours via the Big Blue Button web conference system. The times and access links can be found on the website IUZ - Contact.
  • Students of the TU Bergakademie, who are currently studying at partner universities abroad, please contact the International Office (internationalattu-freiberg [dot] de).
  • Services of the International Centre are also available on a limited basis. Please use telephone and e-mail to contact the responsible person at the International Centre and  the Admissions and Students Office. Documents and papers in hard copy can be dropped into the mailbox outside the university main building on Akademiestraße 6 (located next to the courtyard door).

Information of the Studentenrat (Student council)

Can be found here

Information of the Studentenwerk (Student services)

Can be found here