Circular Letter of the Rector dated 10 November 2020

Circular Letter of the Rector dated 10 November 2020

Dear students, employees and guests of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg,

The number of infections with the coronavirus remains threatening to all of us. The rectorate and deans of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg rely on the great sense of responsibility, discipline and prudence of its members. For this reason, the rectorate has made the following arrangements for the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in agreement with the deans of the faculties.

The Rectorate recommends that the teaching staff decides for online teaching whenever possible in order to contain the further spread of the virus and to protect health and safety of all employees as well as students by taking preventive action. Exceptions may be courses such as practical courses, exercises and laboratory work, e.g. for final theses, which necessarily have to take place in attendance and cannot be replaced by other forms of teaching or electronic information and com-munication technologies respectively. The decision remains with the teacher and is to be made in accordance with the responsible dean.

Any classroom teaching is subject to the understanding that distance, hygiene and mouth-and-nose protection regulations remain applicable, as does the requirement to comply with the ban on access (entry to the buildings) and participation in events in case of typical disease symptoms and/or  contact with infected persons. The same applies to the ventilation and sanitation of rooms as well as the collection of data from event participants as stipulated in the current hygiene concept.

Written exams, in particular final exams, may be approved in the same way as classroom teaching.

Courses/events that are not absolutely necessary for the academic success, even if would be de-sirable, shall be discontinued for the duration of the pandemic.

Employees may shift their activities to mobile work in consultation with their direct superior. The extended flexitime shall also be considered to avoid simultaneous presence of several persons in rooms of the university.

Research activities in university buildings are still permitted under strict compliance with the "SARS-CoV-2-Hygiene Concept".

The regulations that have entered into force so far, in particular the mandatory wearing of mouth-and-nose masks in the rooms of the TUBAF - as long as they have not been changed herein - keep their validity.

Please also consider the information provided by our university health management on our website:

Stay healthy and best wishes!

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht

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