Collaborative Research Center 920: Multi-Functional Filters for Metal Melt Filtration

A Contribution towards Zero Defect Materials

CRC 920 - Intelligent filters for more security - Part 2


On December 8th, 2021 the 12th Freiberg Refractory Forum will take place in conjunction with the meeting of the DGM/DKG Technical Committee "Refractories" (Members DGM, DKG, MORE-Freiberg e.V., CRC 920, FOR 3010, ZeHS). … weiterlesen

portrait of Professor Björn Kiefer
For his scientific contribution and professional service, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers recently awarded the degree of ‘Fellow’ to Prof. Kiefer, holder of the Professorship of Applied Mechanics – Solid Mechanics. … weiterlesen

Casting of molten steel in a steel casting simulator via a ceramic foam filter
An international research team of the Collaborative Research Center CRC 920 at TU Bergakademie Freiberg was honored on Thursday (25/3) with the prize of the Society’s Refractory Ceramics Division. … weiterlesen

Adwardee Jakob Kraus
Each year the Faculty of Chemistry and Physics awards postgraduate students with the Ferdinand Reich Prize. … weiterlesen

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