Orientation on the university campus

City and Campus Map

Campusplan der Universität

The buildings and facilities of the university are mainly located close to the city centre, to the left and right of Leipziger Str., National road B101. The plan contains all university buildings with addresses, the bus stops important for the campus connection and shopping facilities. 

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University buildings and facilities

Central Facilities

  • 30 UBB | University Library „Georgius Agricola“, Agricolastraße 10
    • 30a Neue Universitätsbibliothek Winklerstraße
  • 31 Career Center, Prüferstraße 2
  • 31 Cental Student Advisory Service, Graduate and Research Academy, Prüferstraße 2
  • 32 URZ | University Computer Center, Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str.1
  • 33 International University Center/ Languages, Prüferstraße 2
  • 34 Media Center, Prüferstraße 1
  • 35 EIT Raw Materials Regional Center, Prüferstraße 1A
  • 36 Research and Teaching Mine „Reiche Zeche“, Fuchsmühlenweg 9
  • 37 Campuscafé SIZ, Prüferstraße 2

Studentenwerk Freiberg

  • 38 Student House „Alte Mensa“, Petersstraße 5
    • BAföG Office
    • Student Club
  • 39 Student Housing Complex, Agricolastaße 14 bis 16
    • Management
    • Social and Cultural Services
    • Student Housing Department
  • 40 W | Student Housing Complex, Winklerstraße
  • 41 M | Neue Mensa, Agricolastraße 10a

Not in the Map:

List of lecture halls and seminar rooms

Uniwegweiser TU BergakademieThe folding map "Uniwegweiser" contains all buildings and facilities that belong to the campus or university. In addition to a list of seminar rooms, the facilities of the Studentenwerk and tourist offers of the university are also listed. more

Barrier-free access to the university building

The main building of the university has handicapped accessible access from Akademiestr. 6. All areas of the administration, the Senate Hall and the assembly hall can be reached via the elevator.