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Chair of Industrial Engineering, Production Management and Logistics
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Schlossplatz 1
09599 Freiberg

Office hours Prof. Dr. Höck: Wed. 17.00-18.00

  • Tina Laubsch (Secretary)
    +49 3731 39-2438 
    Room 3.212

For questions concerning Grundlagen der BWL, Produktion und Beschaffung and Produktionsmanagement:

  • Bastian Gaidzik
    +49 3731 39-2545
    Room 3.103

For questions regarding Management Science, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Umberto LCA+, ARENA and the Industrial Engineering Student Advisory Service:

  • Nicolas Wolf
    +49 3731 39-3746
    Room 3.103

Access to course materials

As long as access to the Opal platform is not possible, we make the teaching documents for all courses available via USB flash drive. Please contact us during the office hours. 

Exam dates WS 2022/23

  • Grundlagen der BWL: 16.02., 13.00-14.30, SPQ 1301
  • Produktion und Beschaffung: 16.03., 9.00-10.30, Alte Mensa
  • Supply Chain Management: 16.03., 9.00-10.30, Alte Mensa
  • Produktionsmanagement: 16.03., 11.30-13.00, SPQ 1301
  • Management Science: 16.03., 11.30-13.00, SPQ 1301
  • Operations Management: 16.03., 14.00-15.30 SPQ 1301

Info on ARENA and Management Science

The results of the ARENA assignment are available and can be found at the chair or on OPAL. 
Arena Certificates can be picked up from 22.03.23 at Mrs. Laubsch, room 3.212.  
The bonus points for Management Science can also be found on OPAL and are available at the chair.

Info on Umberto LCA+ Software course

The deadline for completion is extended to 30.04. The assignment can be submitted digitally (USB flash drive) to Mr. Wolf, after reactivation of the IT infrastructure again via email at nicolas.wolf [at]

Info on Operations Management

All bonus points (Case Studies and Process Flow Design Game) can be found online in the OPAL course or directly at the Chair.

All further informations and results will be published at the chair.


Fragen zu Grundlagen der BWL, Produktion und Beschaffung und Produktionsmanagement

Bastian Gaidzik
+49 3731 39-2545
Zimmer 3.103

Fragen zu Management Science, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Umberto LCA+, ARENA und der Studienberatung Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Nicolas Wolf
+49 3731 39-3746
Zimmer 3.103

Vorlesungs- und Übungsunterlagen

Bei den Fachverantwortlichen können Sie sich die Unterlagen zu den Vorlesungen und Übungen von einem Stick kopieren.