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You can also find all the information on our notice board in SPQ, 2.207.

Courses in Business Ethics in the Summer Term 2023

Expected timetable (subject to change), please orientate yourself for the first week of the semester on OPAL. The proseminar starts on 04.04. All other courses start in the second week of the semester at the earliest!

Technikethik (BA) VL+Ü

Content: technology ethics as applied ethics; normative approaches to moral decision-making; foundations of behavioural ethics; empirical methods in behavioural ethics; ethical implications of man-machine interactions; ethics-compliant design of man-machine interactions; technology assessment.

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Proseminar (BA)

Content: In the Bachelor's seminar, students apply the theories, methods and contents they have learned to specific questions in the field of business ethics. They also deal with the literature on a specific scientific question in the field of business ethics and independently write, present and defend a scientific paper.
Does not take place this semester.

Business Negotiation Management (MA) VL+Blockseminar

Content: The module is designed to provide students with advanced theoretical and application-oriented knowledge about negotiations. The theory of negotiation includes: 1) Analysis of different negotiation strategies, 2) Cooperative negotiation management, 3) Identification and assessment of potential negotiation mistakes, 4) Approaches to avoid negotiation mistakes, 5) Identification of pitfalls that lead to inefficient solutions on both sides, 6) Learning how to influence a negotiation partner, 7) The precise preparation of a negotiation tailored to the subject of the negotiation, 8) Use of adequate body language, 9) Use of modern internet-based means of communication in negotiation preparation, implementation, and analysis, 10) Use of suitable presentation techniques

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Seminar Behavioral Business Ethics (MA) (Block Course, Kick off will be announced at the beginning of the semester)

Content: This master's seminar focuses on the ethical analysis of human decisionmaking in companies and markets. Ethically relevant decision-making is determined by a wide variety of determinants, including ethical considerations as well as phenomena that can be explained by behavioral science. Studying theories and empirical evidence from business psychology and behavioral economics, we will examine the conditions under which ethical principles can be applied to human actions in companies and markets. The discussion will focus on personal and situational factors, as well as incentive and organizational structures, and technological and cultural conditions.

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