Center for Environmental Geosciences

TUBAF-UFZ Center for Environmental Geosciences


General research of the Center for Environmental Geosciences focuses on the interaction of terrestrial and geological systems. This involves the sustainable use of the geological subsurface for energy supply purposes and the safe storage of energy waste materials. Special attention is paid to the assessment of environmental impacts and risks as well as the role of environmental geosciences in the adaptation of infrastructures to climate change. Cooperation shall concern in particular the following core areas of environmental geosciences.


  • Repository research and geotechnical safety analyses 
  • Georisks, resilient infrastructures in the context of future climate adaptation strategies
  • Geoenergies: geological energy storage, geothermal systems
  • Hydrogeology: geotechnics and water, dispersion, monitoring and containment of pollutants, impact of geotechnical applications on groundwater systems
  • Geosystem modelling: modelling of geotechnical systems and their interactions with terrestrial systems, environmental impacts
  • Scientific software development and data science: joint further development of the simulation platform OpenGeoSys and integration of new methods from computer science 
  • Research infrastructures: underground laboratories, use of in-situ data for realistic and application-oriented model development, high-performance computing (e.g. Earth-System-Modelling Partition), scientific visualisation (e.g. UFZ-VISLAB), OpenGeoSys (software as a new form of research infrastructure)


The Site Selection Days took place at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in February 2021. You can get a short impression of the 2019 Site Selection Days in which we also participated by watching this video.


The center has aquired first joint projects

Environmental geoscience topics in the media

Protective measures in extreme weather

In this DLF contribution, scientists from the UFZ and others report on the lessons learned from the German flood disasters and future possibilities.

Soil and climate change

The movie "Kiss the Ground" tries to shed light onto the role, ecologically intact soils can play in combatting climate change.

Where to put our toxic waste?

The documentary "Wohin mit unserem Giftmüll" on the subject of underground landfills and contaminated sites makes clear the topicality of the joint research of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ and the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Our research explained on the Earth System Knowledge Platform

Scientists of our Chair were invited to explain their research in a special issue on “Volcanoes and Society” on the German Earth System Knowledge Platform. Read our article on supercritical geothermal systems (in German) here.

Repository research

An very interesting and clear article on research on nuclear safety and waste disposal has been published on the website of the magazine Spektrum. Click here for the article.

The Federal Company for Radioactive Waste Disposal (BGE) has presented its interim report sub-areas. The recording of the Federal Press Conference can be found here.



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