Exhibition Etiquettes

Exhibition Etiquettes: Extracting out the maximum value from your ORTE visit

You are planning to visit ORTE you are not sure how to prepare?

Then, our 10-Point-Exhibition Etiquette guide is a good starting point for you!

In order to be able to stand out at a career fair, good preparation is essential. Before visiting, you should research which companies are taking part and especially find the ones which are of particular interest to you. An objective self-analysis and the preparation of your application documents are an important step on the way to the dream job. In addition, you should know how to dress properly and conduct discussions with company

  1. Inform yourself!© Kallejipp - Photocase.com
    You should know which companies will be present in the exhibition, which subsidiaries are representing the parent firm, and whether the company you are interested in will be a good fit for you (you may check career pages of the participating company to develop an understanding of job scope)

  2. Self Analyse:
    Get acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses. You should have a very clear understanding of the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and motivation you bring to any particular job opportunity and whether it fits with your profile.

  3. Your Application Document:
    Did you use the application map check service offered by the Career Center or have you gotten your application documents looked at by a professional? Always keep copies of your resume ready for use - it's your business card. Increase your chances by customising your application documents for your desired company. This applies in particular to the cover letter, but also to the CV. 

  4. Appearance:

     For the best first impression, you need not only adequate clothing, but also a well-groomed appearance and an open body language are immediately noticed. If you are unsure about how to speak with a company representative, it helps to practice at home in front of the mirror and to prepare questions for the company. But remain authentic and be yourself!

  5. Initial Tour:
    When you enter the exhibition, take a round to have an overview of the companies present and the floor plan to know their exact location. It is also advisable to inform yourself of the other exhibition offerings such as career counselling, photo shooting etc.

  6. First Contact:
    You should start with a company that is not on top of your priority list. It is advised, so that you have the possibility of a "practice run" before having a conversation with your favorite company. A positive impression is already made by a smile, and professional appearance.
  7. „I am…“:
    © Robert Kneschke - Fotolia.com
    Your introduction is your chance! You will present yourself to your potential new employer. In addition to general information, such as name, course of studies, and concerns, you should pay attention to a straight physical appearance and an increased eye contact.

    Important: Put your phone on silent, speak clearly and engage the company representative.
  8. Questions:
     Here, by means of targeted inquiries, it is necessary to show interest and reflect on the content of the conversation. Ask questions if anything is unclear.
  9. After the Exhibition:© Sör Alex - Fotolia.com
    Sort your contacts and notes carefully. After submitting application documents, you should wait about two weeks, before you usually call again the company contact person.
  10. Keep yourself engaged:
     Despite all your efforts, if you have not been able to land your dream job this time, do not lose heart. Keep yourself focused. Continue consistently, complete internships and keep yourself updated on the new job postings and trends in the labour market. 


The Career Center Team wishes you successful job hunting!!