CANAS 2019

Colloquium Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy 2019

Freiberg, 23rd – 26th September 2019

The Colloquium Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy - CANAS - is the leading forum for analysts in the commercial laboratory as well as in academia in the field of atomic spectroscopy. Colleagues meet on a regular basis to learn about the latest developments in all areas of atomic spectroscopy including sample preparation. With their own contributions and personal discussions participants can also promote advancements in modern procedures and new developments.

Topics concerning environment, energy raw materials, strategic raw materials, food and agriculture, medicine, biology, nanomaterials, and process analytics will be covered in scientific lectures and posters. The conference will also host an exhibition where several companies will introduce and present their latest products in an open and lively atmosphere.

CANAS will be followed directly by the User Meeting Glow Discharge Spectroscopy 2019 from 26th to 27th Semptember 2019 in the same location (more Information: flyer).

The final program ist now online.