Living In Freiberg

Student apartmentsWith the beginning of their studies, many students are faced with the question: Where should I live? In Freiberg, in contrast to other universities, it is quite easy to find a nice and inexpensive flat. Therefore, the city of Freiberg, the Studentenwerk (Student Services) and the university work hand in hand. For example, the Studentenwerk Freiberg and private housing providers offer a wide variety of apartments and flats with comparatively low rents in Freiberg.

Most of the Studentenwerk's housing offers are located in student residences directly on campus or just a few minutes' walk from the campus. Every furnished room has an internet connection to the university network, a TV connection, a launderette in every house, bicycle rooms, sports and leisure facilities. And the good thing - in just a few minutes you are in the centre of Freiberg.

To the housing options:

  • Accommodation offered by the Studentenwerk Freiberg
  • Private housing offers
  • Accommodation for visitors
  • Lomonosov House