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The University Collections at a Glance

This is the website of the Geoscientific Collections. Please check back later!

Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

  • Collection of mathematical models and instruments
  • Collection of inorganic chemical preparations (Winkler collection)
  • Collection for technical chemistry
  • Collection of chemical instruments
  • Collection of physical instruments

Department of Geosciences

  • Main Collections of Geosciences
  • Foundation Collection terra mineralia
  • Mineralogical Collection Germany
  • Collection of Equipment for Mineral Determination
  • Collection of Geophysical Equipment

Mining Department

  • Collection of Mining Science (Treptow Collection)
  • Model Collection
  • Collection of Mine Surveying Instruments
  • Teaching Pit Collection
  • Collection of Large Open Pit Mining Equipment

Department of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering

  • Weisbach Collection
  • Collection of Historical Gas Appliances
  • Collection of Electrical Engineering
  • Collection of Silicate Metallurgy
  • Collection of Coal Research (Rammler Collection)

Department of Materials Science and Technology

  • Ferrous Metallurgy Collection
  • Nonferrous Metallurgy Collection
  • Art Casting Plate Collection
  • Art and Cultural Collections


Ownership of art

  • Collection of coins and medals
  • Collection of guest gifts



With the "Regulations for the Collections of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg" of June 4, 2014, binding guidelines for the protection and responsibility of the scientific collections of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg were issued. The Custody of the University is responsible for the supervision of the scientific and technical-historically important collections and of the art holdings.

The collection objects are regularly shown as loans in museum exhibitions at home and abroad.


Leiter Kustodie
Lessingstraße 45
09599 Freiberg
Andreas.Benz [at]

Illustrated book "Bergakademische Schätze" (Mining treasures)

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Freiberg Mining Academy, the illustrated book on the collections of the Mining Academy has been published. In 23 contributions with more than 300 illustrations, the history and use of the collections and collector personalities are presented. The volume can be purchased at the media center of the university.