The 72nd BHT-FREIBERGER UNIVERSITÄTSFORUM took place virtually from June 9th - 11th, 2021. The conference focused on "Technologies for Climate Protection". A diverse programme gave insights into the latest findings from research and development.

You can download the programme booklet here and the flyer via this link

Virtual short colloquia

In addition to the above-mentioned colloquia, a series of short virtual colloquia (abbrev. KK) was offered, each of which highlighted different aspects of "Technologies for Climate Protection" in 90 minutes.

KK 1: Mechanical recycling of Lithium-ion batteries – a technological overview

KK 2: Nachhaltiges und effizientes Projektmanagement bei der Entwicklung von Bergbaumaschinen - Bausteine für eine Integrierte Produktentwicklung

KK 3: Alternative carbon sources and H2 utilization

KK 4: Sustainability, recycling and secondary metallurgical processes 1

KK 5: Sustainability, recycling and secondary metallurgical processes 2

KK 6: Microwave applications for sustainable and efficient processes

KK 7: Grüne Energie aus Bergbaufolgelandschaften

KK 8: Energie- und ressourceneffiziente Produktion in Gießereien