The 72nd BHT-FREIBERGER UNIVERSITÄTSFORUM focuses on "Technologies for Climate Protection". A diverse programme will give you insights into the latest findings from research and development.

Virtual short colloquia

This year, in addition to the above-mentioned colloquia, we are offering a series of short virtual colloquia, each of which will highlight different aspects of "Technologies for Climate Protection" in 90 minutes.

KK 1: Mechanical recycling of Lithium-ion batteries – a technological overview

KK 2: Nachhaltiges und effizientes Projektmanagement bei der Entwicklung von Bergbaumaschinen - Bausteine für eine integrierte Produktentwicklung

KK 3: Alternative carbon sources and H2 utilization

KK 4: Sustainability, recycling and secondary metallurgical processes 1

KK 5: Sustainability, recycling and secondary metallurgical processes 2

KK 6: Microwave applications for sustainable and efficient processes

KK 7: Grüne Energie aus Bergbaufolgelandschaften

We're still updating our programme. More information will follow.