The 69th BHT – FREIBERGER UNIVERSITÄTFORUM 2018 will take place from 
6 to 8 June 2017.This year the conference will focus on "Future Materials – Safe Resources Supply – Circular Economy

The limitedness of natural resources and a predicted population of 10 billion people on our planet require to rethink the stages of the value and process chain. From the extraction of raw materials through their processing and the design of the products up to a reuse or recycling process, the goal is the environmentally friendly and economical use of raw materials. This is followed by the development of innovative and sustainable materials, new technologies and efficient recycling processes to design a circular economy and to strengthen competitiveness in Germany and Europe.

The 69th BHT - Freiberger Universitätsforum is dedicated to this topic. It creates a dialogue between research, industry and society to discuss the latest research findings. The conference will be opened on June 6, 2018  with a “Krüger Kolloquium” at the "Alte Mensa". The keynote speech will be presented by Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Eco-Innovation Circular Econnomy of the European Commission's Environment Commission. Interested parties from science, industry and society expect a varied and cross-thematic program on all three days.