73rd BHT: Virtual short colloquium 4

Characterizing structure build-up in cement gel and nano-scale materials using time resolved measurements

  • Date: 10 June 2022, 9.00 - 11.00 am
  • Venue: virtual
  • Language: English
  • Chairpersons and contact: Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bier, Dr. Mirco Wahab (Thomas [dot] Bieratikfvw [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de, Mirco [dot] Wahabatchemie [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de)

Many engineering materials are processed by extrusion or casting where a plastic to fluid mixture, which can be considered a highly concentrated dispersion of small - even nanoscale – particles, is placed in a mould or extruded through a mouthpiece into a definite shape. After placing, hardening takes place. In the colloquium, materials are considered where the hardening occurs through physical and chemical reactions at room temperature or slightly elevated temperatures. The hardening process, in terms of microstructure, is a transformation/re-arrangement of the originally dispersed small particles.

The colloquium presents state-of-the-art techniques to follow the hardening or structuring process in cement gels and nanoscale materials. The experimental data represent a huge amount of information (big data) and involve advanced statistical methods to exploit the information. 

The 15-minute presentations are followed by 5 minutes questions.


9.00–9.10 Log-in and welcome

9.10–9.30 Scattering Techniques to Follow Structural Changes at the Nanometer Length Scale / Prof. Dr. Felix Plamper (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

9.30–9.50 Following Early Age Cement Hydration by In-Situ XRD, Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis / Dr. Elsa Qoku (Georgia Tech, USA)

9.50–10.10 SAXS and DVS characterization of cement gel / Dr. Keisuke Takahashi (UBE Industries, Japan)

10.10–10.30 Simultaneous measurement of temperature, capillary pressure, shrinkage and relative humidity in a cementitious mortar during the first 24 hours / Dr. Mirco Wahab (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

10.30–10.50 Exploratory factor analysis of consecutive in-situ-XRD measurements / Dr. Torsten Westphal (PST Bernburg)

10.50–11.00 Concluding remarks / Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bier (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)