Experiments on the 2nd milestone from 15.01. to 17.01.2019

Robot Julius in the Research and training mine
This week the experiments for the second milestone of the ARIDuA project were carried out.

The experiments for the second milestone took place underground in the research and training mine.

The aim of the milestone was to prototype the instrumentation of poorly developed mine areas by the robot. Various experiments were carried out with the robot Julius underground.

Work Package 2 carried out tests on the range of wireless transmission under rage and achieved significantly better results than the first milestone in June 2018.

In work package 5, experiments on autonomous driving of the robot were carried out underground. The robot drove into different areas and was able to identify intersection areas. Also in this work package the tests led to very meaningful results.

In addition to work packages 2 and 5, work package 3 also carried out experiments in the research and training mine. The main goal here was to record an exact scan of the underground environment in order to create a virtual reality. In this virtual environment, the setting down of the sensor boxes is to be simulated at the office. These experiments were also successful.