Excursion of the ARIDuA junior researcher group to Dräger in Lübeck

Group photo of the attendees of the ARIDuA excursion to Dräger in Lübeck © H. Ka
From March 14-16, 2018, junior researchers and professors from ARIDuA were invited to the Dräger company in Lübeck. After the company presentation and factory tour on site, the scientists of the Bergakademie presented the ARIDuA project. The aim was an intensive exchange and discussion.

All junior researchers and an associated PhD student as well as Prof. Joseph and Prof. Mischo spent a day at the Dräger company in Lübeck on March 15. At first, Dr. Hanno Kamp and Mr. Christoph Feyerabend welcomed the group at the headquarters. This was followed by a tour of the very interesting exhibition, in which many Dräger products were presented. Already here numerous discussions developed about specifications and application possibilities of the devices in the ARIDuA project. After lunch, a factory tour followed, during which the production of the sensors and devices could be experienced at first-hand.

Afterwards, the junior researchers and professors presented the ARIDuA project with the individual work packages in detail, the Real Time Mining project, the Living Lab Reiche Zeche and research on sensors at the Institute for Electronic and Sensor Materials. The full conference room showed that these topics already aroused lively interest among Dräger employees in the announcement. With the estimated 50 listeners, an open discussion developed quickly in the audience, which was intensified even after the end of the lecture in personal conversations. A dinner together rounded off the exchange.

We would like to thank the company Dräger for the opportunity to visit the company and the frame for the presentation of our project. In particular our thanks go to Dr. Hanno Kamp and Mr. Christoph Feyerabend for the support and organization of this day.

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Presentation of the research projects by the ARIDuA Group © H. Kamp