You studied or researched in Freiberg and now... ?

For many students and doctoral candidates, studying and researching in Freiberg was an important phase of their lives. All of our employees and lecturers contributed our university’s profile with their teaching and research work. We are delighted and more than a little proud to present on this webpage profiles of TU Freiberg alumni.

Daniel Falk
PhD student in Ireland
interviewed im: Apr 2018
Dr Veraldo Liesenberg
Associate Professor at Santa Catarina State University (UDESC)
interviewed im: Jun 2020
Prof. Dr Kristin de Payrebrune
Professor of Computational Physics in Engineering at Technical University of Kaiserslautern
interviewed im: May 2020
Dr Philipp Brüggemann
Professor for Physical Chemistry at the Georg Simon Ohm Technical University of Nürnberg
interviewed im: Apr 2017
Dr Margot Bock
Chancellor of TU Ilmenau
interviewed im: Jun 2015
Dipl.-Kffr. Anja Fiedler
Head of the Department of Culture and City Marketing of the City Administration of Freiberg
interviewed im: Jan 2017
Dr Friedrich Flötgen
Guide for underground tours at the ’Reiche Zeche’ mine
interviewed im: May 2019
Peter Eckert
Managing Director at "Schindler"
interviewed im: Aug 2018
Florian Fichtner
Research Associate at the IWTG
interviewed im: Nov 2019
Dr Desmond Okwor
Project associate and coaching expert at the Graduate and Research Academy (GraFA)
interviewed im: Oct 2020
Dr Andreas Klossek
Chief Operation Officer at KIC EIT RawMaterials
interviewed im: Apr 2016
Dr Kay Dornich
CEO of Freiberg Instruments
interviewed im: Oct 2014
Ilka Pittschaft
Sales Director for Wendt & Kühn in Grünhainichen
interviewed im: Sep 2014