Running Dinner

"Cook once, eat thrice..."

 ... that is the motto of the Running Dinner which we do organise each summer and winter semester!

At this kind of dinner different teams cook for each other at their places. But it is not only eating, since every course is provided by another team you will have to walk to the next station and the next course. After finishing with the dessert the last station is the International Corner or the EAC where that exciting evening will end.

Get to know new people and thanks to our great number of international students as well all kinds of food from different countries.

To take part you need a team (2 persons), a place to cook and of cours a creative idea for your course which has to be sufficient for 6 people. You can choose between the starter, the main dish and the dessert.

Where you have to go and which people you will meet? Well that is going to be a surprise! 


The next Running Dinner is taking place on the 22nd of October 2022!

You want to be part of it then register here!

Registration closed, sorry!

Dinner Zeitplan / dinner timetable 

  • 18:00 Starter   

  • 19:30 Hauptmahlzeit / Main Dish     

  • 21:00 Dessert