The AKAS organises many different activities for all students at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. These range from parties and sports to excursions and culture. Here you can find some information about the activities that have almost become a tradition with us.

Every single one of them is always the best opportunity to meet new people!


Such an extensive programme as we offer you not only costs a lot of work but also money. Therefore, here are a few words on how it all works. We are financially supported as a Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI) by the DAAD as well as by the Student Council and partly by the Studentenwerk Freiberg.

Unfortunately, when we offer an activity, it often doesn't work without a contribution by you. However, almost everything is subsidised by us to about 50%. For example, if you pay 10€ for an excursion, the actual cost per person is about 20€. This is also the reason why we often don't offer such huge and elaborate events but many small events that benefit more people.