Festival of Cultures

  • Time: Sonntag, 10. November 2019
  • Place: Tivoli Freiberg, Dr.-Külz-Straße 3

The Festival of Cultures takes place annually in November and is the largest intercultural event in Freiberg. The festival brings together residents of the district of Central Saxony, most of whom come from different cultural backgrounds.


15th Festival of Cultures on 12 November 2017 at Tivoli Freiberg; photographer: René Jungnickel

There will be a stage programme lasting several hours, during which young and old talents will be able to show their skills, and an international buffet.

The festival is organized by the working group "A World and Integration" and organized by many volunteers.


Impressions from the Festival of Cultures on 11.11.2018 in the Tivoli Freiberg


Press article on the Festival of Cultures 2018


Picture galleries of the Festival of Cultures

FdK 2017



Bildercollage vom Fest der Kulturen 2011

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