AAPG Student Chapter Freiberg

Welcome to AAPG Student Chapter Freiberg!

Logo der AAPG FreibergAre you studying geosciences and are you interested in the field of Oil and Gas?

Then we are what you are looking for!

 We are the official Student Chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists right here in Freiberg. As a member of our society you will have the opportunity to attend lectures from members of highly respected companies.
We will offer you the opportunity to visit the new major centers at the forefront of oil and gas technology, where you can easily start making contacts to international companies with your dream job in mind!

If you are now interested, you should get in touch by sending us an officeataapg [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (e-mail) or reaching out in person!

You can also find and follow us on Facebook :) !


There are 20 Spaces available. This excursion from 6.-7. october 2015 is for free, but you have to pay the food and drinks by yourself. The deadline for registration is the 1st september 2015. … weiterlesen

Monthly Chapter meeting at Meißerbau (MEI-0150) at 7.30pm. … weiterlesen

Registred people meet 9am at Freiberg train station. … weiterlesen

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