About us

Who we are

group picture at inaugurationThe AAPG Student Chapter Freiberg is an association of students, who are interested in Oil- and Gas exploration and production.

We get support from the American Association of Petroleum Geologistsand offer exciting field trips, as well as interesting lectures all about the topic „Oil and Gas“ from specialists. Our Chapter is an international group of people from all over the world.


You can also follow us on our official Facebook-Fanpage, to get updates about events in the near future.

Brief History.

Official approval and recognition of a chapter of the AAPG at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology was received through a confirmation letter dated 19th February, 2015.  Following the confirmation, the TU Freiberg Student Chapter of AAPG was officially inaugurated on 6th May, 2015. The inauguration of the chapter was especially important considering that it coincided with the 250 years anniversary of the university.

The establishment of a chapter of AAPG at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology was born out of the desire to create a professional forum to foster interaction, learning, and career advancement for the teaming geoscience students of the oldest mining university in the world. Although other professional organizations like SPE and SEG exist however, the AAPG – TU Freiberg Chapter is focused on catering for all geoscience students as well as all students who are interested in Oil and Gas-related education. Therefore, we invite all geology-, geophysics-, petroleum engineering-, process engineering students, and everyone whose career interest is aligned towards the oil and gas industry, to come join us.

Our Chapter Mission

The ultimate objective of our Student Chapter is to bridge the gap between TU Freiberg student members and the Oil & Gas industry. To achieve this objective, we initiate and execute activities such as Academic Excursions, Seminars, Job fairs, and other events that bring us together with the industry. To strengthen the Chapter, we meet at least once every Month during which we discuss crucial Chapter matters including membership welfare. During our Monthly meetings, we also listen to technical presentations from our professors and experts from the industry. And of course, we also organize social events with BBQs, Foods, and Drinks made available.


We invite you to regularly visit our webpages for updates and to regularly inform yourself on the latest information regarding our Chapter. You could also look out for job vacancies and grants announcements from the AAPG, on our webpages. So far, AAPG TU Freiberg is the only active student chapter in the whole of Germany and we are convinced that you will find it very thrilling to be part of the most exciting professional family on campus.