Basteln Weihnachten 2021 / Handcarfts Christmas 2021

It's almost Christmas and unfortunately due to the pandemic again not as we would like.

In order to still get some Christmas spirit we want to try to provide you with a few handicraft sets to make something christmas like yourself. The whole thing is still a bit improvised but we try our best. The whole thing should run as follows:

  • choose a set that you like >> PDF (Update 13.12.2021)
  • fill out the form below (till latest 16.12. 12:00)
  • we try to reserve the set
  • from 13.12. you can pay by prepayment
  • we will try to have the sets for you from 17.12. on

Additional Option:

We try to have a small event where we can build the crafts together. We also will bring glue and paint. However this is of course limited in number. If you are interested you can choose the option in the form below. In case of participating you can either pic the craft up befor or get it on the events date (Wednesday 22.12.2021 17:00-20:00)

Unfortunately there are still some restrictions:

  • Reservations in the form are first non-binding for us, availability, financing (yes we take over a part of the costs) etc. must be checked
  • Reservations will be considered one after the other
  • refunds will be made in case you already paid and the sets availability changes
  • glue / paint / pens you need yourself
  • you have to be enrolled as a student at TUBAF
  • you have to live in Freiberg or have the possibility to pick it up in Freiberg
  • we do not send the sets by mail
Reservierung / Reservation: *
Live "bulding" event:
Do you want to take part in the live building event? (Limited number of people only and 2G restrictions)
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