Short course in Geo-Metallurgy for Copper

Short course in "Ore Characterization, Process Mineralogy and Geo-Metallurgy for Copper (Mo-Au) Operations"

The proposed short course/interactive workshop provides an overview of the current use of chemical, mineralogical and metallurgical data in ore profiling, modeling, forecasting and process troubleshooting in Copper-(Moly/Gold) Operations. It focuses on actual operational issues, problems and potential solutions. It covers – in an overview mode – the most critical and frequent process and plant challenges related to ore characteristics in the copper mining business.  As such, it is not a “textbook” course and does not lecture on how to use a microscope or an automated mineral analyzer. Inherent in all presentations is the mining industry’s strong focus on Work Safety. It also covers state of-the-art plant optimization associated with advanced use of mineralogy at mine sites. Future challenges related to sustainable energy, water and social-community aspects will be addressed.

In addition, the course will highlight the integrated use of cutting edge lab technology, lab automation and on-line technology, all of which are imperative for large-scale, reliable data generation. Case examples from operations in North and South America will illustrate pertinent applications. Key Geo-Met factors for flowsheet design, testing, equipment selection and plant ramp-up will be discussed.  

Owing to the significance of HPGR in future comminution, a short overview on the impact of this technology on geometallurgical considerations will be provided.  A summary of important environmental issues, re-treatment and residual value generation will be included. Critical features for implementation of Geo-Metallurgy and case examples of its economic value will summarize the presentations. Finally, a brief discussion of leadership aspects and interpersonal skills, critical for successful project and operational work in multinational teams, will be presented.

The course is combining classroom lectures as well as an interactive workshop.

The course has been drafted for engineers, technicians, scientific users, researchers in the field of copper (Mo-Au) operations, geo-metallurgy, process mineralogy. Furthermore, if you are working in production, sales, maintenance, laboratory, R&D and related fields, this course might also be of interest for you.

Registration deadline: 14.07.2017

12. Oktober 2017, 08:00 - 13. Oktober 2017, 17:00
Krügerhaus, Schlossplatz 3, 09599 Freiberg