Master Geoscience


FakultätFakultät 3 - Geowissenschaften, Geotechnik und Bergbau
AbschlussMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
Regelstudienzeit4 Semester
StudienbeginnWinter- und Sommersemester (i.d.R. aber zum Wintersemester)

bachelors degree or equivalent in geosciences

interview with candidates

Bewerbungsfrist30 April for students who require a visa 15 July for applicants who do not require a visa for entry to Germany


The international Master program Geoscience offers three specializations the student has to decide for at the very beginning:

  • Tectonophysics of Orogeny
  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Hydrogeology/Hydrochemistry

Students of the specialization Environmental Geosciences will be enabled to work on complex environmental problems on own responsibility. The curriculum for each student will be adapted according to the prior knowledge of the candidates. The main focus lies on the interactions in the atmosphere (including climate and chemistry of atmosphere). The successful candidates will take over responsibility in administration, science, education, and research at universities and research centers. Students of the specialization Hydrogeology/Hydrochemistry will be enabled to cope with hydrologic, hydro-geological and hydro-chemical problems with respect to practical and research aspects on their own responsibility. This covers groundwater exploration and exploitation, surface water issues concerning water chemistry (field and laboratory), numerical modeling of flow, transport and chemical and biochemical reactions in aquatic environments. Utilization of water and water protection is addresses with respect to drinking, irrigation, and industrial water and includes geothermal aspects as well.

Students of the specialization Tectonophysics of Orogeny will be enabled to work with methods of structural geology, geo-thermo chronology, geomorphology, remote sensing, and petrology. He will be able to analyze and interpret coupled processes of active and fossil orogenies by using innovative techniques: Focus of education and related research is on active orogenies and coupling processes from mantle to atmosphere.

For exceptional cases a fast track option to enter a PhD program is available.
Successful candidates will be specialists, but applicable in various contexts and successfully capable of cooperation. They will be able to independently lead projectsand take over leadership responsibility. Thus, students will be put into position to independently write and evaluate problems related to geoscience, environmental impact, and risk assessment studies.

Application documents

  • application for Admission for Foreign Applicants (application form and additional information): Application for admission I Additional information
  • certified copies of education certificates
  • officially attested translations of the above into Germanor English
  • certificate of English language proficiency
  • motivation letter
  • up-to-date passport photo
  • proof of English language profiency: TOEFL score of 550 (213 computer based,78/79 internet-based) or IELTS score of 6.0, or equivalent
  • English language test (exception: applicants from countries/universities with English as official language)

Application adress

TU Bergakademie Freiberg 
Dezernat 2, Zulassungsbüro
Akademiestraße 6 
09599 Freiberg


The program schedule is available in the examination and study regulations and the content of the course clusters and lectures in the handbook of clusters and lectures of the Geoscience program (description of clusters and lectures in English). You find these documents in the right column of this webpage.


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