Schedule for Winter Semester 2016/2017

Thursdays 11:00 - 12:30 in MEI-0080

Semester Theme: Hazard Monitoring

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Scientific Communication Skills: Oral Presentations

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Scientific Communication Skills: Speaking and Listening Skills

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Scientific Communication Skills: Scientific Articles Part 1

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Scientific Communication Skills: Scientific Articles Part 2


Guest: Antony Price (Total)
Title:    Sub-salt modelling in 3D: Integration of seismic, well and gravity data validated by drilling  (Host: EAGE Student Chapter)

Note: This presentation is a webinar including an introduction aimed for Bachelor students, lecture and Q&A period. Click here for the lecture description.


Scientific Communication Skills: Writing Skills

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Speaker: Christopher Danz (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Untersuchungen zu Grundwasserverunreinigungen mit Geoelektrik und IP  (Betreuerin: Börner)

Speaker: Clemens Fröde (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Liquefaction and earthquakes: Example from Canterbury earthquake sequence (Betreuerinnen: Lay & Alexandrakis)

Speakers:     Sascha Bodenburg und Franz Kleine (TU Freiberg)
Talk Title:      Seismic Survey in New Zealand: A part of the Alpine Fault Deep Fault-Drilling Project


Guests: Sabine Kulikov and Ottomar Krentz (LfULG)

Title:      Der Erzgebirgsbasistunnel - geologische und geophysikalische Voruntersuchungen und 3D- Modellierung (Host: Görz)


BSc / MSc Thesis Topics


Speaker: Mario Hopfner (BSc-M)
Talk Title: A web-based platform for automatic and continuous landslide monitoring (Betreuerin: Görz)

Speaker: Tobias Xylander (BSc-M)
Talk Title: A geo-spatial data management system for potentially active volcanoes - GEOWARN project (Betreuerin: Görz)

Speaker: Annika Schmidt (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Injection-induced hazards (Betreuerin: Alexandrakis)



Tag der Offenen Tür - Kein Seminar!


Guest: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Forkmann (TU Freiberg)
Title:    Sweep oder Chirp


Guest:     Dr. Daniela Kühn (NORSAR)
Talk Title: The Joys and Woes of Missing Seismicity: the Case of the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab


Speaker: Henri Reichel (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Earthquake early warning systems (Betreuerin: Alexandrakis)

Speaker: Tobias Brestrich (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Seismic hazard in New Zealand - When will the next big Alpine Fault earthquake occur? (Betreuerinnen: Lay & Alexandrakis)


Speaker: Peggy Gödickmeier (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Submarine landslides (Betreuerinnen: Lay & Alexandrakis)

Speaker: Benita Wagner (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Earthquake precursors: Can eartquakes be predicted? (Betreuer: Simon)

Speaker: Sascha Weit (BSc-M)
Talk Title: Monitoring von Permafrost-Böden mit geoelektrischen und elektromagnetischen Methoden (Betreuerin: Börner)

BSc-M: presentation in module "Einführung in die Berufspraxis"

BSc-T: short introduction to BSc thesis

MSc-M: presentation in module "Scientific Communication I"

MSc: literature talk

Guest: invited speaker

TBA: To be announced