Tectonics - Geochronology

We focus on the continental tectonics that incorporates the co-dependence of lithosphere, atmosphere, and mantle 

We focus on orogenic belts like the Himalaya-Pamir-Tibet-Myanmar orogenic system of Central Asia, the Caribbean plate boundaries, the ultrahigh-pressure orogen in Central China, the Eastern Alps, and the Variscan belt of Europe.

Our methodologic research foci are on Fission-Track Dating, Ar-Ar Thermochronology, and Tectonic Geomorphology.

GEOARC, the Asian Geoscience Research Center at TU Bergakademie Freiberg coordinates an promotes research in Asia an is the prime contact adress for cooperations. For details on GEOARC and the Research groups use the Team sublink and see the home pages of the team members.