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We offer German and English study courses on bachelor, master, and PhD level

  • Master in Groundwater Management (program in English, TOEFL needed). More...
  • Master in Arid Water Ressources Management (comming soon)
  • Hydrogeology / Hydrochemistry specialization within Master Geoscience  (program in English, 1 year of professional work experience needed, TOEFL needed, 2000 € tuition fee per semester). More...
  • Hydrogeology und Engineering Geology within Master Geowissenschaften (program in German and English, DSH test needed).
  • Wasserwirtschaft within Master Geoökologie (program in German and English, DSH test needed).
  • Flussgebietsmanagement within Master Geoökologie.
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  • Interested in scientific diving? more.... 

White smoker in shallow marine environment:
Panerea, Italy, September 2007. Video


Remote sensing by quadrocopter Video 


Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology VII
International Conference 09.2014


Mine Water Research center

Coral reef discoverd in Iraq´s coastal waters

Recent research projects.
  • Lithium and the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia). More ...
  • Lithium in brines and oil field waters (BMBF Project Hybride Lithiumgewinnung). More...
  • Deep geothermal energy. More...
  • Thioarsenate and uranyl-arsenate determination by XAS & XANES
  • Uranium speciation
  • Development of an Uranium sensor
  • Competitive sorption of uranium & arsenic & calcium
  • Rehabilitation of acid mine lakes. More....
  • Enhanced ISL leaching
  • Submarine hydrothermal system of Panarea, Italy. (scientific diving)
  • Hydrogeology Urema Rift (Gorongosa, Mozambique)
  • Software development
  • Rainfall runoff modeling (Jordan, Iraq)
  • Groundwater modelling (Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kirgystan, Germany-Poland)

Chair of Hydrogeology 
Prof.Dr. Broder Merkel....


Hydrogeologisches Versuchsfeld

German Alumni Water Network (GAWN).
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water forming rocks: Antilope Canyon USA

water, steam and vapor: Geysir at the Yellostone park, USA. Weitere Bilder hier....drilling rigg in the desert for exploitation of fossil ground water

tropical karst in Guilin, South China

karst cave, Guilin, South China

..... more hydrogeological impressions