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Hydrogeology has a long tradition at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The chair for Hydrogeology was established for the first time in 1967 when Prof. Gerald Milde was appointed as Professor for Hydrogeolgy. Prof. Hanspeter Jordan was the successor from 1977 to 1992. After 1993 the department of Hydrogeology, Hydrology and Hydrochemistry developed into a modern water research facility at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Research and education spans over a wide range of topics: Geothermal groundwater systems, mine water aspects including in-situ leaching, brines, cross-boundary aquifers, water chemistry including isotopes and speciation analytics are common topics. Remote sensing, digital terrain models and GeoInformationSystems (GIS) as tools for determination of evaporation, recharge, runoff and surface processes are used. Analytical and numerical modeling of flow and transport under variable saturated conditions considering density-driven flow and chemical reactions (thermodynamically and kinetically controlled) are tools in our daily work.

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Coral reef discovery in Iraq`s coastal waters
White smoker in shallow marine environment: Panarea, Italy, September 2007 (video...)

Remote sensing by quadrocopter (video...)

Lithium Initiative
German Alumni Water Network (GAWN)
Mine Water Research Center

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Uranium Mining and Hydrogeology VII - International Conference September 2014

Hydrogeology around the world...

Tropical karst in Guilin, South China

 Karst cave in Guilin, South China

Rock formations shaped by the action of water: Antilope Canyon, USA

Water, steam and vapor: Geysir at the Yellostone park, USA. More pictures here....

Drilling rigg for exploiting fossil groundwater in the desert

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