Scope of the Conference

The series of International Conferences, Magnetism and Metallurgy was established in 2004 by the Institute of Metal Forming at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg. The conferences 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 took place in Freiberg. respectively Ghent and were organized in cooperation of the Institute of Metal Forming in Freiberg with the Department of Material Science and Engineering at Ghent University. The conference 2014 was organized by the Cardiff School of Engineering. The 7th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy WMM’16 will take place in Rome and organized by the CSM. The WMM16 will  be co-sponsored by “Associazione Italiana Metallurgia” and “UK Magnetic Society”.
The aim of this series of International Conferences on Magnetism and Metallurgy is to bring together scientists from universities and research groups working on the development of magnetic materials, as well as electrical engineers from universities and industry, who are engaged in applications of magnetic materials.
The WMM`16 will provide a general overview of status, trends and recent developments in the field of “Magnetism and Magnetic Materials and their Application”. The 7th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy will, like the previous conferences, treat all aspects: techniques for producing the materials, technological aspects, development of microstructure and relation to the properties, modelling the evolution of microstructure and properties, measurements of the characteristic properties, developments in the field of application of magnetic materials, aspects of design. Invited papers will be presented by international experts on magnetism and magnetic materials to cover the proposed topics of the 7th International Conference WMM16. In addition a restricted number of exhibits and poster presentations will be included in the program.
We expect the same kind of audience as at the previous conferences. More than 120 participants from 27 countries were present at the 6th International Conference WMM14, in Cardiff. In addition to delegates from the academic world and from research institutions, participants from producers of magnetic materials attended the meeting.
Relevant steel companies were present including Wälzholz, Cogent, ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel GmbH, US-Steel, ArcelorMittal, Tempel Steel, JFE, Nippon Steel and Sumitomo, Voestalpine, Magnequench, China Steel Corporation, AK Steel, Auerhammer, Cube Steel, Aperam, Daido and Tata Steel.
At the WMM14 conference, contributions from 27 invited speakers from 19 countries as well as the 24 posters were presented.
The organizers of the WMM16 hope that the 7th International Conference WMM’16 in Rome 2016 will cover like the previous conferences the latest developments and demonstrate the progress in the field of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials and their Application.

Topics of the WMM16

•    Advances in process techniques: metallurgical routes, especially the use of thin  strip casting
•    Progresses in electrical steel grades and other soft magnetic materials as well as hard magnetic materials
•    Thin electrical steel grades
•    Non oriented Electrical steels with improved magnetization behaviour
•    Tendencies at the fabrication of grain oriented electrical steels
•    Electrical steels for energy efficient industrial motors and variable speed drives
•    Concepts for electrical machines for cars and trucks
•    Improved material characterization and progress on modelling the effects of magnetic materials in electrical machines
•    Progress in modelling the evolution of microstructure and texture along the metallurgical processing route

•    Prof. R. Kawalla, Freiberg (Rudolf [dot] Kawallaatimf [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de)
•    Prof. Y. Houbaert, Gent (yvan [dot] houbaertatugent [dot] be)
•    Prof. A. Moses, Cardiff( mosesAJatcardiff [dot] ac [dot] uk)

Programme Manager:
•    Prof. J. Schneider, Freiberg and Dresden (schneider [dot] juergenatt-online [dot] de)

Local Organizing Committee
•    Dr S. Fortunati – CSM (Chair) (s [dot] fortunatiatc-s-m [dot] it)
•    Prof. M. Villani –  L`Aquila University (marco [dot] villaniatunivaq [dot] it)
•    Dr E. Amici – CSM (wmm16atc-s-m [dot] it)
•    Dr. S. Cicale’ – CSM (s [dot] cicaleatc-s-m [dot] it)
•    Dr. L. Albini – CSM  (l [dot] albiniatc-s-m [dot] it)
•    Dr. C. Forzanti – CSM (wmm16atc-s-m [dot] it)

Secretary’s office of the WMM’16:
Dr. Elisabetta Amici
Via di Castel Romano, 100
00128, Rome, Italy

Tel: +39 065055780
Email: e [dot] amiciatc-s-m [dot] it

Dr. Cristina Forzanti
Viale Benedetto Brin, 218
05100, Terni, Italy
Tel: +39 0744487306
Email: wmm16atc-s-m [dot] it

Conference Information
All the information about WMM16 conference can be found in the following websites:

International Advisory Committee
•    B. Grieb, Germany
•    G. H. Johnston, USA
•    Guo-Dong Wang, China
•    S. Siebert, Germany
•    S. Constantinides, US
•    S. Fortunati, Italy
•    G. Pasquarella, Switzerland
•    A. Krings, Sweden
•    A. Stöcker,  Germany
•    A. Schoppa, Germany
•    M. Villani, Italy
•    F.J.G. Landgraf, Brazil
•    P. Anderson, UK
•    W. Mao, China

Registration fees And Registration
The registration fee includes conference proceeding, refreshments, lunches, welcome party on the first day as well as a social program and conference dinner at the second day.

Conference attendance: (up to May 10th 2016)                              575 EUR
Including social program and conference dinner

Conference attendance: (after May 10th 2016)                               625 EUR
Including social program and conference dinner

Exhibitors: (conference fee + exhibition space fee)                           900 EUR
Including conference fee, exhibition space,
social program and conference dinner

Student PhD conference attendance                                             350EUR
Excluding social program and conference dinner

Participation to Social Events for Accompanying person           100 EUR
Including social program and conference dinner only

For registration you are kindly asked to complete the registration form that can be found in the following website :

•    http://www.c-s-m.it/en/events_and_courses/wmm16.html

Posters and Exhibition
WMM’16 will include a limited number of exhibits and poster papers. Preference will be given to posters presenting R&D results on materials technologies  and/or devices.

The program manager will inform applicants on their acceptance.

The application form for posters and exhibition can be found in the following websites :

•    http://www.imf.tu-freiberg.de/wmm2016
•    http://www.c-s-m.it/en/events_and_courses/wmm16.html

Exhibit space: table (1.81m x 0.46m), two chairs, electric outlet, exhibitor roll-up or banner accepted.

Poster dimension: 0.7m x 1 m. Panels to attach the posters will be provided at the conference.

•    Abstract submission for posters:                                       01.03.2016
•    Exhibitors submission request:                                          01.04.2016
•    Full papers submission for posters and invited speakers: 01.04.2016

The guideline for the preparation of the papers will be sent to the authors directly.

VISA application
All regularly registered conference attendees who need an invitation letter for the VISA application can send their request to the wmm16 secretary mail address: wmm16atc-s-m [dot] itwmm16atc-s-m [dot] it

The WMM’16 proceedings book including all the papers from invited speakers and posters will be distributed at the conference.
The conference proceedings can be bought as DVD after the conference.

Conference Venue
The 7th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy WMM’16 will take place in Rome at:

For more details, look at this pdf:

 Download Fyler MEFORM 2016 Download_WMM16_Fourth_announcement.pdf