Research Groups

Fields of research

Process Virtualization – ProVirt

ProVirtThe main goal of the research group ProVirt – Process Virtualization, funded by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony, is the virtualization of high temperature metallurgical and chemical processes. Based on the validated models provided by the research group Multiphase Models, ProVirt develops numerical models for entire conversion processes such as gasifier of bad-smelt furnaces. The numerical models are then used to support the optimization of existing technologies as well as the development of new technologies. Another research field is the development of analysis tools to support model-based estimation of process data and material properties. These can be used directly by the research group Multiphase Models to support their activities.

Multiphase Models

The research group Multiphase Models focuses on the detailed modelling of complex thermo-chemical, multiphase processes for metallurgical and chemical processes. High resolution numerical studies of different sections in complex technological systems facilitate the discovery of new correlations and are the basis for advanced models in the fields of phase change and conversion processes. The cooperation with the research group Material and Process Analysis furthermore supports the validation against reference data. The new and/or improved models forms the basis for activities by the research group Process Virtualization. This group focuses on the modeling of entire technological processes.


Material and Process Analysis

The experimental work of the research group Material and Process Analysis forms the basis for advanced and realistic process virtualization. This comprises the measurement of material properties for different phases and the characterization of interphase phenomena. An innovative model-assisted approach supports an estimation of absolute material properties and process data from effective quantities which are measured experimentally. For this, the research group works closely with the research groups Process Virtualization and Multiphase Models and benefits from their modeling expertise. Another research focus is the compilation of process data from our large-scale reference facilities at IEC and INEMET, where in particular in-situ measurement techniques are being applied. In addition to facilitating a deeper understanding of the investigated processes, the datasets will also be used to support the validation of numerical models.