Course of Studies

Overview "Courses of Study at TU Bergakademie Freiberg" (English / German)
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Mathematics and natural sciences

Course of StudyBachelorMasterDiplom
Applied Computer Sciencexx 
Computational and Applied Mathematics  x
Applied Natural Sciencexx 
Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management – SINReM x 
Business Mathematicsxx 


Course of StudyBachelorMasterDiplom
Advanced Mineral Resources Development x 
Geoinformatics x 
Geoinformatics and Geophysicsx  
Geophysics x 
Geoscience x 
Geo-Engineering and Mining  x
Geosciences x 
Groundwater Management x 
Mine Surveying and Applied Geodesy  x
Sustainable Mining and Remediation Management x 

Engineering sciences

Course of StudyBachelorMasterDiplom
Computational Materials Science x 
Computational Science and Engineering Master of Science 
Energy Engineeringxx 
Automotive Construction: Materials and Components xx
Foundry Engineeringxx 
Ceramics, Glass- and Building Materials xx
Mechanical Engineeringxxx
Nanotechnology xx
Process Engineeringxxx
Materials Science and Materials Technology  x
Industrial Engineering and Managementxxx

Economics and interdisciplinary

Course of StudyBachelorMasterDiplom
Business Administrationxx 
Business Administration for the Resource Based Industry  x
Business Analytics Master of Science 
Business and Lawx  
Energy and Resource Management x 
Industrial Archaeologyxx 
Industrial Culture x 
International Business in Developing and Emerging Markets – IBDEM x 
International Management of Resources & Environment – IMRE x 
Law for Engineers x 
Management of Technology x 
Industrial Engineering and Managementxxx

Postgraduate course

Course of StudyBachelorMasterDiplom
Postgraduate course in Environmental Process Engineering  x
Economics  x