Samples with bacteria that form metallophores (c) TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Under the name of BakSolEx, researchers are working on the future extraction of metals from mixed metal solutions through bio-based methods. … weiterlesen
Google Zurich (c) Google
First part of a new, intermittent series on studying at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Today: How Helge Bahmann joined Google. … weiterlesen
New EBM machine (in the background)
They are looking for tomorrow's high-performance materials: "smart" materials with memory and materials that can close fissures themselves. The researchers working with Dr Thomas Niendorf have now been given a new machine that will be the hub of the entire project. The 3D metal printer creates new m … weiterlesen
Dr. Keisuke Takahashi
Last year in November, Keisuke Takahashi as the first Japanese doctoral candidate had successfully defended his doctor’s thesis. … weiterlesen
Viktor A. Sadovnichii, Prof. Bernd Meyer
Award for Vice Chancellor Prof. Bernd Meyer in place of supporters of the German-Russian relations in science. … weiterlesen
Model of a lung for the simulation (c) Dr. Katrin
Parameters on the flow behaviour of a special liquid in the lung to be examined for use in medicine. … weiterlesen
Freiberg had to wait for a long time for this title but right on time, at the 250th anniversary of the university, Freiberg is decorated with the addition to its name. … weiterlesen
In der Magnetron Sputteranlage im Zentralen Reinraumlabor der Universität werden
Prior to the end of the current year 2014 the university registers a new record in raising third-party funds. … weiterlesen
18. December 2014 |

Christmas in a host family

Family Herrmann with Fadzai from Simbabwe and Mitesh from India
International students celebrate Christmas with German families … weiterlesen
Recycling rare earth from fluorescent waste
The technology has been successfully transferred into industrial production making it a model of technology transfer at the university. … weiterlesen