Information events for international students in English language

Group of workshop participants


1. STUBE Sachsen – a supplementary programme

STUBE is a programme for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and South Eastern Europe. In this event, Stube will present itself and its offers. The programme focuses on:

  • weekend seminars with discussions about global topics,
  • local events,
  • and scholarships for internships or studies at the home country.

Further information about STUBE:

Presentation and discussion will take place in German and English.


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2. Funding Opportunities for International Students

The International Centre informs about funding opportunities for international students while studying in Freiberg. The focus of the presentation lies on scholarships, funding through grants administered by the International Centre as well as job opportunities.

Lecturer: Manuela Junghans

Time and place: will be announced

Registration: (required)

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Hint: Social events for international students can be found on the AKAS facebook page.