Offers in English language in summer semester 2017

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1. Career Training for international students – Enter the German job market successfully – internships, part-time-jobs and job application in Germany

Application documents and envelopes on a tableYou are looking for an internship or job position and want to find out more about how to apply in Germany? You want to know about the employers’ expectations towards international applicants? – The training focuses on internship opportunities in Germany and the development of a career strategy. You learn to assess your personal and professional competencies. You will discuss the specific chances as an international applicant, but also potential obstacles during the application process. Special emphasis will be put on the intercultural skills gained during the studies in Germany, and how this can be reflected in an international career. 

Practical exercises on cover letters and CVs will enable the students to create meaningful application documents according to the German standard. They will get to know typical job interview situations and will simulate these situations during role plays. They will develop an idea about how to communicate their international background convincingly.

Lecturer: Dr. Karin Köcher, GETS, Leipzig

Time: a) Saturday, July 1, 2017, 11 am to 6 pm, and  Sunday, July 2, 2017, 9 am to 1 pm

Place: Prueferstr 2, room to be announced

Registration: Required, please use this online registration form

Fee: The fee is 10 euros and has to be paid until June 27 (Tuesday 10-12 and 2-4 pm and Thursday 2-4 pm, except June 22) at the International Centre, Prueferstr. 2, office of Ms. Junghans, room 3.408


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2. Funding Opportunities for International Students

The International Centre informs about funding opportunities for international students while studying in Freiberg. The focus of the presentation lies on scholarships, funding through grants administered by the International Centre as well as job opportunities.

Lecturer: Manuela Junghans

Time and place: July 26, 2017; 5 pm, Prüferstraße 2 (room will be announced)

Registration: Please use the online registration form.

Additional information: On July 25 at 5.30 pm you will receive information material for this session by email. Please read the material. On July 26 we will discuss your questions regarding funding opportunities.  

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Hint: Social events for international students can be found on the AKAS facebook page.