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Individual counselling for our students

Befragung Beratungen

Thinking about entering the German job market and have questions such as; What do I want to do? What can I do? How do I correctly apply for jobs? How do I prepare for my job interview?


Through our individual consultation session, you can prepare yourself for specific job application situations and identifying your professional aspirations.

As part of an hour long guidance session, we will address your concerns such as:

  • Job application check (Bewerbungsmappen-Check) with recommendations on content, format, layout and complete portfolio;
  • Tips for job application;
  • Preparation for job interview; and
  • Tips to scout for jobs.

The consultation services are provided by our partner, Hochschulteam der Agentur für Arbeit Freiberg (the Highschool team for employment agency Freiberg).


To prepare for your appointment, we recommend that you carry out a Soft-Skills-Analyse. Here, you get your first assessment of your strengths and potential areas. Our Tips and Links are intended to help you create your written application.

You prepare your application documents in German and send it to the Consultant a few days prior to your appointment. On the day of appointment, the documents are checked and (if any) changes suggested.


Conditions of participation

The counselling services can be availed by students(Bachelor/Master - from 3rd. Semester) and graduates (up until 1 year after graduation) for all faculties within TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Please understand that our services are limited to 3 counselling sessions per person.

For any appointment related questions, please contact the Career Center representative mentioned below

Note for International Students

At the moment we can only offer a German-speaking consulting service; however the advisors have basic English knowledge. If you are not so fluent in German, we advise to bring along a translator. 

Please keep in mind to compile your application documents in German. 


Tips for Events

Visit our lectures and seminars for job entry and application. The complete list of our events can be accessed from here

Constanze Schulze

Constanze Schulze

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